New Jersey Research and Development

About this Site

The purpose of this website is simple: We want to share information about the state of R&D in New Jersey because the field of research and development is simply fascinating. With this website, we’ll be looking at some of the different companies in New Jersey that are innovating and using research and development to their fullest advantage. It’s all about how a company will work to gain new knowledge that they might use to create new products, technology, or services that they will ultimately either use or sell. The end goal, of course, is often to add to the company’s bottom line. A very important factor in this is that all companies, large or small, invest in some level of research and development. If they create and sell products, they at least have some interest in research and development.

Who We Are

This site was started by three individuals who all work in marketing and business development and are former colleagues and classmates from their undergraduate studies in the state of New Jersey. First is Mark Thompson, who works as a marketing director for a pharmaceutical company that is always looking to create new products to better help consumers. Second, there’s Jillian Baker, who has served as the marketing coordinator for a company that primarily sells food products. Also serving as a part of the team here is John Hankins, who has several years of experience in business development for many consumer brands throughout both New York and New Jersey but is a lifelong resident of the Garden State.

The three creators of this site look forward to connecting with all of you in the near future and hearing your ideas!